We love live music, which is why, every Thursday evening throughout the year we offer you a live band night.
Take a look at who will be playing over the coming months.

The Sarah Knight Band

Date: 26th April 2018

Time: 21:00

The band is a Blues Rock cover band covering artists such as Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Free, The Who, Frank Zappa, Rush, Janis Joplin, Rival Sons, Fleetwood Mac, Band of Skulls, James Brown, Jeff Beck, but also mixing in some more up to date artists such as Portishead, Dusty Springfield and Goldfrapp all done in their own blues style. Sarah Knight fronts the band with stunning vocals that captivate any audience. Lee Kirkman is the man machine holding everyone together with his hard hitting technical style and Liam Gibb provides a seductive and thumping bass that wonders and roams free. The solid rhythm section ensures that Andy Scoffin is free to let that incredible guitar scream and sing for his amazing solos.

So if you fancy some stunning vocals with a modern twist on the classic blues rock bands of the 70s. Hendrix meets Goldfrapp, Bonamassa meets Portishead. Sarah Knight and the Blue Stones are the exciting must see band that you just can’t miss!

Free Wheelin’

Date: 10th May 2018

Time: 21:00

Free Wheelin’ are returning this September to the Manvers, playing an eclectic mix of popular covers from the 60’s to the present day; including hits from the likes of the Beatles, George Ezra, Van Morrison, The Eagles, James Taylor and Status Quo (to name but a few).